Delicious Homemade Taco Soup

Homemade soups are one of my favorite meals. They are incredibly easy to make and for busy nights it’s so convenient to have something ready to go. For us Tuesday nights are Ladies bible study nights and Wednesday’s we have our midweek church services. This means we are usually pressed for time those nights and... Continue Reading →


Award Winning Chili!

The air has started cooling here. The leaves are turning. And I find myself craving the cold weather comfort foods! My husband has spent the last few days tackling our winter firewood supply and I thought he would enjoy a hot bowl of chili and cornbread for dinner. It has always been one of our... Continue Reading →


Cheese Rolls

We are headed to a friends house tonight for a lasagna dinner. I decided to bring one of our favorite sides and thought I would share it with you guys too! This recipe is actually one of my mother-in-laws. Kenny begged me to figure out how to make them for him. In fact, all of... Continue Reading →


The Traditional Family in the Modern World

As some of you know I am a stay at home wife and mom. And I love every minute of it! For me it's really hard to understand why some women wouldn't want to be home with their families. For some families I understand that it isn't possible...yet...for the mom to be home and that's... Continue Reading →


Girls Day

This past weekend, Kenny and our son Jaxon, had men's breakfast at our church. The men (and young men) of the church get together once a month, cook a giant breakfast, and share in a message and fellowship together. The boys really enjoy it. Us girls also enjoy that time together, we miss our guys,... Continue Reading →


The Day My Life Changed Forever

August 28th 2009...The day my life changed forever. To begin we really need to go back to the beginning. Kenny and I got married in June of 2008, about a month later he got deployed to Iraq, and a month after that we found out we were pregnant. It was such a scary and exciting... Continue Reading →


What to do when your schedule is derailed.

Good morning! This past couple of weeks has been a chaotic time for our family! We were puppy sitting for a family friend, we baby sat our nephew for the week, AND then dealt with a lovely round of sickness! I feel like a tornado hit our house and my business has taken up residence... Continue Reading →


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