No More Tears!!


Do you hate cutting onions as much as I do? I think I have tried every trick in the book, but, no matter what I always end up crying! Most of the time my eyes are watering so much that I can’t even keep my eyes open (dangerous!) and the rest of the day my eyes continue to burn. Well, about a month ago my husband called me on his way home and said “Have you ever heard of Sunions?!” at first I thought… well of course I have heard of Onions…I use them all the time! Apparently though, while listening to the news on the radio, he heard the commentator talking about Sunions, a tearless sweet onion. TEARLESS?! That really intrigued us! So much so, that he reached out to them to see if we could try them.


Fast forward a couple of weeks and we received a box from them full of Sunions. Let me tell you they are beyond belief! Now, the amazing thing about the Sunion is that they have been working on them for over 30 years to perfect them. And, even more exciting, is that they are Non GMO! At first I was really skeptical because I have never found an onion that doesn’t make me cry. So we decided to really put it to the test. You guys know that my husband has a YouTube channel based on our kitchen/grilling adventures, and we thought you would like to actually see them in action instead of just reading about it so you can check out the full video down below.


With traditional onions you can try numerous things to avoid crying like leaving the root on, removing the bulb, chewing bubble gum, holding a piece of bread in your mouth, holding a match (unlit) between your teeth, wearing goggles , etc. Sometimes these help, but no matter what, I always feel the burning, stinging, and tearing effects. We decided to completely ignore all the tricks and just dig right in! We removed the root, cut right through the bulb, and started chopping away! I am shocked to tell you WOW!! Not a single tear was shed! Our eyes didn’t even tingle! But, how did they taste?? I’m glad you asked! Because that was my next question too! They are delicious. They are somewhat sweet but have a very full onion flavor too. We have also tried them in several different ways over the last week, sauteed, on sandwiches, in recipes and every single time they hold their flavor!


But, to make it a fair comparison we thought, we need to give it a side by side comparison with a traditional onion. We bought a regular yellow onion from the store and did they exact same chopping techniques. Within seconds of chopping my husband was tearing up and it only got worse as he kept going. I was even standing 10 feet away behind the camera and my eyes were burning and watering!

To me, if I can get the same taste without all the crying, I will reach for the Sunion hands down every time I can!


They are only in a select number of stores at this time. If you want to see if they are in your local grocery store you can check out their website at and use their store locator. If they aren’t available in your local store, you can ask your produce department to ask for them from Sunion! I want to hear your experience! Have your tried them yet? Or if you do try them, let me know what you think!! I personally am super excited about these!

Check out the video here:

Pintrest Picture 2

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