The Traditional Family in the Modern World


As some of you know I am a stay at home wife and mom. And I love every minute of it! For me it’s really hard to understand why some women wouldn’t want to be home with their families. For some families I understand that it isn’t possible…yet…for the mom to be home and that’s okay. But, more often than not when I say that I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom, I get the look like I have lost my mind! In today’s world so many women are out there trying to become something big. Trying to prove that they are just as powerful as men and can do anything that men can do. In some ways I agree, God has created us to be equal in some ways but also different in some ways. I know that I could be a successful 9-5 woman if I needed to be. But that’s not where God has lead me.

Back when our grandparents were raising families it was completely normal for mom to be home and taking care of the family, while dad went out and provided financially for the family. Today it seems that women have completely abandoned this idea. I talk to a lot of women each day that are wanting nothing more than to be able to work from home, so that they can be there for their for their families and still bring in the income that they need and I love helping them do that! But it absolutely shocks me when I talk to someone that says, I hate being home, I would hate to be stuck with my kids everyday, or I would hate to be a slave to my husbands. And that’s what I want to talk about today. Just because you are a stay at home wife/mom you are not a slave to your family. You are blessed to be able to be there for them.

For our family, my husband goes to work every single day. And, even though I work from home as well, I feel like my full time position is my family. That means that I put the Lord first, then my family, and then my business. By putting my family first that means that I am willing to put their needs above my wants. I get up each morning with my husband to make sure he has everything ready for the day. I make his breakfast, I pack his lunch, and I make sure he has everything in order so all he has to do is walk out the door. The kids needs and wants are met every day as well and every night the family has a warm meal ready for them. Now, even some of my close friends roll their eyes at me when we talk about this stuff. So I know not every one agrees  with my thinking. I have a friend, another Christian mom, who said to me one time “I refuse to make my husband breakfast or lunch, he’s a big boy, he can figure it out on his own! In fact I don’t even do his laundry!” That blew me away. How do you have a strong relationship with your spouse if you aren’t even willing to help him? Aren’t we created to be our husbands helpmates? By being their helpmates, that doesn’t mean we are their slaves. We are to do everything that we do, out of love for our families and do it as if we are doing it for the Lord. By doing so, you go from having the attitude that my friend has, to being a blessing to our families. Now I am FAR from perfect, but I strive everyday to be the best that I can for them.

I also feel ladies that we have a responsibility to our daughters to teach them and show them how to be there for their future families as well. In this day and age I can not believe how many women are not taught by their moms how to do even basic things around the house. I have met so many women that have no idea how to cook, clean their house, or even how to do their own laundry! How in the world is that possible? Those are basic survival needs. If we are raising kids who can’t even boil water, how do we expect them to live on their own someday?! Let alone raise a family!

I know not every family is the same. And I understand that some families both spouses have to work. Please don’t feel like I am judging you if you are living life differently than I am. I just wanted to share with you guys something that has been a struggle for me lately. It is heartbreaking to me that we as women tear each other apart over silly things like this. Just because I chose to do things in a certain way doesn’t mean you have to. But, I also believe that where the Lord has you, you are to be used and serve the Lord with a cheerful, thankful heart. Whether you are a sahm or a working mom. Do it all as unto the Lord.

How do you guys feel about this topic? Have you met others with the same attitude as my friend? Let me know in the comments! I hope you all have a blessed day!

Proverbs 31

V13: She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

V15: She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.

V27: She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

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