Girls Day

This past weekend, Kenny and our son Jaxon, had men’s breakfast at our church. The men (and young men) of the church get together once a month, cook a giant breakfast, and share in a message and fellowship together. The boys really enjoy it.

Us girls also enjoy that time together, we miss our guys, but we also enjoy having our mommy/daughter time together! This weekend was no exception. We started the morning snuggling with coffee (hot chocolate for Lily) and read our bibles. Then I let Lily decide what we were going to do with our day. She decided she wanted to make pancakes for breakfast. You can check out our homemade pancake recipe here: The Best Homemade Pancakes.

With our breakfast we had a little tea party and watched Tangled. While we were watching the movie, Lily got a little inspired and decided she wanted to make hair clips so she could wear her hair like Repunzel, So we did! I love crafting, which means we always have random craft supplies laying around the house. I knew we could come up with something to make what she was wanting.


She asked for a Princess crown, the Repunzel sun, and Repunzel’s pet chameleon Pascal. So I did some google searching and drew out each one on a piece of foam. Cut it out and then went to town painting them. Now I don’t claim to be an artist at all but I did my best and she loves them! We had fun working on them together and she loved that she got to paint them with me. After the paint had dried we took a couple of clips we had laying around and used a hot glue gun to glue our new designs to her clips.


Once we got them done we started working on her hair.


I parted her hair down the center and separated the top into two sections. I tied the bottom section into a pony tail while I french braided the top two sections. Once the top sections were braided I secured both ends and incorporated the top braids into one big braid. Then added one of our new hair clips to the top center.

We had so much fun together and I absolutely loved hearing her tell her daddy when he got home all about what she did. She felt like such a big girl. I love getting to spend one on one time with the kids. Even though we are together all day every day, there is something special about the times when it’s just us. I know she will appreciate these times when she grows up, and maybe she will get to do this with her daughter someday!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend! What are somethings you like to do with your kids? Any fun crafts you can share with us for our crafty day?

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